20 June 2009

Utilizing Mind Maps as a Structure for Mining the Semantic Web Dissertation paper uploaded on Scribd

    Last week, on Friday, I got the news that I am entitled to graduate with the award of MSc in Information Systems Management. I have to recognize that I was a little worried because I knew that the Dissertation paper was not complete, given the time and personal constraints, therefore I had to let lot of material out of the paper, plus that I couldn’t approach all the intended objectives. Anyway, if I consider the huge amount of material I had to read and review, the multitude of topics and the fact I can say I learned something during the Dissertation phase, I can consider myself satisfied. Even more the topic is of actuality, researchers are still stumbling on the road toward a Semantic Web, and there are still lot of things out there to be explored and link to this topic – knowledge management, information/knowledge mapping, complex systems, ecosystems, ecologies, learning, Web Mining, the applicability of the Web 2.0 and Semantic Web within daily life, etc.

    So, here is my Dissertation paper, I know that there are a few typing mistakes as I didn’t had the chance to review the paper and correct it, I actually clicked the send button a few seconds before deadline; there are also parts in which I should have invested more time. There’s a second document, Architeture Appendix, treating roughly the architecture behind a Conceptual Knowledge Base created using Knowledge Maps and their further use in Web Data Mining.

    Overall, I think that the Dissertation paper includes some interesting ideas and links, which could lead to other ideas, though that’s entirely dependent on the reader. I wish you a good and fruitful reading!

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